Our Services

We claim that we work as an extended arm of yours, A team which doesn’t sit in your office but is as good as they are around you.

We are meant to take care of Entire Design and Communication for you specifically for Digital Space. Right from [Strategizing] to [Developing your own aesthetically Outstanding Web Page(which speaks our language)] to [taking care of almost all Relevant Social Media Channels like Facebook, InstaGram, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, .. etc. (Right from Doing Thorough Research to Writing Appropriate Content to Getting it Framed in a Suitable Design format to Uploading it to Monitoring the Response to Responding to the Auidience to Retrieving the Business Leads to sharing the Important n Revant leads to you to Making sure that the Reach of all of the Posts gets bigger n bigger day by day)] to [take care of your Professional communcations] to [design and develop any and every kind of 2D/3D Stationery or Motion Graphics and Audio/Video Content] to [SEO] to [Developing and Optimizing Paid Campaigns of Online Media like fb/Insta/Twitter/Youtube/Linkedin..ads or Google Adwords] to [your overall ORM(Online Reputation Management)].

We take utmost care in making sure that we are Precise, Flawless, Aesthetically appreciable, Prompt and Vigil at work.

All kinds of Services provided by us have been enlisted below :


Strategizing 5/10/15/… Years Plan of action and Road Map. Identifying, Developing and Managing Various Apt Digital PR Tools and Media Vehicles, if needed, the Special Purpose Vehicles as well, to achieve the Goals in stipulated period of time, so that the content from day one speaks the same language and the Right target audience gets addressed.

Increasing Influencers Base

Keeping an eye on all Important Contributors..
so that we don’t miss any chance to appreciate them and there are holistic ways to nurture your existing Influenciars and developing new ones at every step..

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

People usisally look for what they want on google and these Google is considered to a Baba or a thesaurus. The more and more authentic information about you gets uploaded on various portals and web spaces, the more your ranking improves. We try and make sure that the search results for you or your brand or your products increase day by day and there are many ways to achieve this.

Social Media Marketing

Almost all Social Media Channels allow you to utilize their Platforms advertising with them. Their filters and algorithms allows us to precisely set our Radars for the right set of target audience and we can get the leads with mininum spending.

You can Get more and more likes/comments/engagements on your profiles/pages/posts. You can get the potential leads directly. Social Medial Marketing is simply fantastic, the best and cheapest way to achieve our marketing goals in minutes/hours/days. Facebook/Insta Ads, Twitter Campaigns, Linkedin Marketing, Youtube Promotions are very common and effective.

Audio-Video Production

Production of TVCs or Documentaries, Corporate Film(s).
Uploading them on your youtube channel and then making them Viral so that we get substantial Viewership. Developing atleast ‘N’ such Films a Year..


Writing Blogs on Certain Fashion n Lifestyle Related topics and spread them onto Digital Media.

Social Media Optimisation

Initial Setting up (Banner, Profile Picture, Description, details..etc) of all Important Social Media Channels like Fb, Twitter, Youtube channel, Instagram, Linkedin…etc.

and then Regular SMO Right from Research and then Writing Appropriate Content in appropriate Lauguage say in English or in Hindi or any vernacular as and when required.

And then Designing the Post for these chosen Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.).

And thren Making them viral as much as possible through Organic efforts, and at watsapp platforms.

And then Monitoring them.

And then Passing on any important information to you in real time meant/required to be shared with you..

And then Achieving Respectable Position n base of likes/Fans/followers/Subscribers/Connections… at all other Social Media Channels..

Offline PR

For Offline (Print & Electronic Media PR and we will take care of Developing Nexus in Media, So that You are Positioned as a Columist and Your Articles are Published in Local, National and International Leading Dailies, Magazines, Journals, Portals, Platforms…etc. and obviously writing the Content of the Article with your Support in Hindi, English and Vernaculars. Atleast ???? Press Releases a Year..

# Developing Various Apt ways and means to Promote you or your Brand oryour Products.

# Pitching Various Events/Platforms like
Atleast such ‘N’ Events in a year..

# Developing Online Training Sessions on Various Topics and Spreading them through whatever all Possible ways we can.
Atleast ‘N’ in a Year..

#Planning n Executing Solo Online or Offline Events for you only…in a Grand way..
Atleast ‘N’ in a Year..

# Getting/Buying the Appropriate Awards..
Atleast ‘N’ in a Year..

# Retrieving the Potential Big Size Leads and either sharing with you instantly or Help getting them converted, if you expect us to do so.

Youtube Channel

We Edit the Videos sent by you, add them to your youtube channel and try as hard as possible to multiply the reach of all the videos and subscriber base on your youtube channel.

Capitalizing Trends on Social Media

Keeping an eye at all important trends on social media platforms so that our social media channels also don’t miss anything important and with Relevant Content with trends we get more n more Engagements.

Website Designing

Your own Website is the original and the most effective trumpet of your own, which not only speaks your language but is in full control of yours.

Search Engine Marketing

Google Adwords(PPC).
Google allows you to bid and play on the keywords chosen/selected by you and your web page will show up on top or on the first page and tyou can amget the Leads of the Potential Customers who are already seeking for someone


Professional Photoshoot of yours or your Products or Your Infrastructure/Facility/Business Place or your Clients/Dealers gives us original pictures belonging to your own brand and then the content uploaded publicly looks more authentic.


These days the acceptability of video content is more and we must have our corporate film, Our Video Anthem, A Video Documentary…etc. which leaves better impressions. We do everything to develop them right from Scripting to story-boarding to Casting to Production to Post-Production(Editing).

Digital PR

In today’s era, instead of Offline PR, the Digital PR is of more importance n worth. It helps your search ranking gets higher position. Obviously the authenticity goes higher if the authentic portals share your information and details on their pages. And this is how we do it. Writing more and more Blogs and Articles on your behalf n publishing them on Digital Space.


Creating Video Blogs, which is in trends these days..
Developing the Need based Content Around Your Subjects and Developing Various Vlogs (as many as your given budget allows).

…etc. and a lot more, whatever comes on the way as the Industry, Systems, Media has been taking new shapes every another year.

And for all of the above, Devicing Plans, Developing the Pitch Content, Making the Apt Communications, Meeting the Prospective People and Potential Clients/Vendors, Negotiating with them, Making the Legal Contracts securing our Terms n Favours, Handling all sorts of Odd and Even Situations, Handling Media, Creating writing, Content Creation, Scripting, Audio-Vedio Production, Writing Press Releases, Photography and Vediography, Designing anything and everything that is needed like 2D, 3D or AV Content, Editing the same, …etc. right from Scratch to a Professionally Apt level and Making sure that your Brand is Positioned as it deserves to be, will be the sole responsibility of Page3 Digital.

We will work on a Monthly Remuneration Model with Yearly Advance Rs. ‘xyz ‘ Per Annum.

We look forward for a long term and a fruitful association at both the ends.